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  • 317th…. MEETING NOTICE... November 27, 2017




    MEETING AT 7:30PM 


    Dues are now due for the year October 1, 2017 - Sept 30,2018.

                    ........The October Meeting…....

  • There were 42 members and guests in attendance. The treasurer's report was read and

    accepted. The minutes were accepted as stated in the newsletter. The balance in the check

    book was $9,809.17. The projected expense for the YN program we will be supporting at

    the Expo in Manchester, New Hampshire will be $1408.00 including the $250 given to

    Nena last spring to be used in the execution of the program. There will be 10 Boy Scouts

    attending and three YNs from Eastern Connecticut, not in Scouting. This report is being

    written in October so it is possible there could be 2-3 more Scouts added to that figure

    without adding to the expense. Member Donat Charron deserves praise for rounding up

    all these Scouts from Troop 66 in Tompson including vehicles and adults to supervise.

    The first year of this program has been a huge success, thanks to the membership that

    made it possible.

    ….. Jack Haroian won the 50/50 drawing.

    …..Election of Officers was held and the current slate as seen up above was re-elected for

    another 2-year term.

    …..President Peter Jones gave an informative program, Foreign Coins in Use in the

    American Colonies.

    …..Show and Tell. This was a banner night for the items brought in, we saw: a beaver

    pelt, Kentucky style rifle, Wampum and trade silver, musket balls, primitive nails,

    tobacco and a chart of 8 Real values, all these items used a s money; a palladium Panda

    coin; silver Chinese door plaques, a sutler note from the 8 th Regiment (Conn.) , 2 zinc

    cents, recently acquired; Fed. Reserve notes signed by Sec. of the Treas. using two

    different names (she got married); an obsolete proof note from Hartford showing the Old

    State House; new Nena Convention Medals and a $1 error note with an upside down serial number and seal; a 90% silver Chinese coin found with a metal detector, it turned

    out to be counterfeit.


  • The program tonight, Six Things From My Curio Cabinet, will be given by member Bob

    Moffatt from Auburn, MA.

    ...ARE YOU A NENA MEMBER?.....

    The New England Numismatic Association is this region's mother club. It runs the

    social/club event at the convention twice a year in Manchester, NH. If you were a

    member you would be getting a quarterly publication from them showing what is going

    on with member clubs, Y.N. activities and keeping abreast with numismatic New

    England. You will see ads from some of your favorite dealers and articles about coins

    and paper money from various club's members. (We are a member club.) It also sponsors

    exhibit competition at the convention. You can read all about this if you become a

    member and receive your copy of Nena News.

    ….. Ask for a free copy of the last edition of the "News" or an application blank at

    tonight's meeting. Your membership in this regional organization helps support

    numismatic activities in New England that benefit all.

    …..Would you like to author a small article? Currently, Nena is offering a free year's

    worth of dues to members who supply Nena with a small to medium sized article to print.

    (We can help with illustrations). If you are not a Nena member you will be asked to

    submit an application and the $15 dues fee will be waived.

    …... If you are a dealer and contract for add space, the same will apply as indicated on

    the website, www.nenacoin.org. Press the button, "Try it you'll like it!"

    …..As a member club, we also will get a dues free year if we can sign up FOUR new

    Nena members. If any of you care to join please let us know so we can be credited with

    your membership. Nena supports much numismatic activity that benefits all the clubs in

    New England. It would appreciate your support! Please consider joining.


  • Dec……….No meeting this month.

    Jan.22, 2018……John Ferreri...A Victorian Numismatic Tour.

    Feb. 26, 2018….tba

    March 19, 2018 Note the meeting date this month …program tba

    April 23, 2018... Richard August... Topic...tba

    We are actively searching for speakers for our meetings this year. Will you be able to help? Please let us know.

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    In general, doors open by 6:30, Meeting @ 7:30---

    Nipmuck Coin Club….4th Weds..Oxford Senior Center..behind Town Hall..Main St.

    Central Conn. C.C. ….First Tuesdays…So.Windsor Library..1550 Sullivan Ave.

    Worcester Cty. C.C….Second Fridays..St. Jos. Parish Hall 68 Central St, Auburn, MA

    Pawcatuck Valley C.C…Third Wednesdays..Stonington Arms 133 S. Broad, Pawcatuck

    Currency Club of New England… First Mondays..Trinity Church. (RT 20) Waltham

    Boston Numis. Society…Second Tuesdays..Trinity Church, 730 Main (Rt 20) Waltham

    Collectors Club of Boston..Fourth Tuesdays..Trinity Church, 730 Main . (Rt 20)Waltham

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